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Iron Maiden VERY RARE discontinued  Live After Death Death nodding model
Fantastic 'Eddie'Live After Death'Head Knocker Neco model. measures approx 8" and is ..
Jimi Hendrix "AXIS BOLD AS LOVE" tile
Jimi Hendrix exlusive ceramic tile of"AXIS BOLD AS LOVE" album covermeasures 6" x 6&q..
Jimi Hendrix 'ARE YOU EXPERIENCED' tile
Exclusive Jimi Hendric tile of"ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?"Measures 6 inches by 6 inchesVERY LIMI..
Jimi Hendrix original TICKET from Woodstock
A rare oppotunity to obtain a genuine ticket from Jimi's apperance at the Woodstock festifal on 16th..
Fantastic KATHY KIRBY picture clock. See KATHY every time you look for the time. One picture for ..
KISS Alive II collectable ceremic tile
Fantastic genuine limited firing tile. Offically licenced.Very LIMITED stock. No re-stock when sold ..
Pink Floyd 'The Wall' decrotive tile
PINK FLOYD “THE WALL”Decorative Ceramic Tilemeasures 6" x 6"VERY LIMITED STOCK..
Pink Floyd exclusive wall tile VERY LIMITED
NOW AVAILABLE FROM PHOTO FILE PINK FLOYD “THE WALL”Decorative Ceramic Tilesmeasures 6" x 6"..
PINK FLOYD “THE WALL” Decorative tile larger size
measures 8" x 10"VERY LIMITED STOCK..
Stu Sutckiffe (The Beatles) original sketches
An original sketch by Stu Sutcliffe, the original bass player with The Beatles, who tragically died ..
Fantastic picture clock depicting many of the iconic beat groups of the early '60's. One picture..
The 2 I's Coffee Bar BRITISH Rock & Roll CLOCK
Fantastic picture clock remembering the home of British Rock 'n' Roll THE TWO I's Coffee Bar,which w..
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