Doctor Who: The Moonbase[1967](Original BBC Television Soundtrac

Doctor Who: The Moonbase[1967](Original BBC Television Soundtrac
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Doctor Who: The Moonbase[1967](Original BBC Television Soundtrack) [Audiobook]

An encampment of humanity facing a threat from outside- mysterious events: People going missing, deaths, strange radio interferences but above all the Doctor and his companions are singled out as the instigators of these horrors.

The Moonbase- a true Doctor Who classic from the golden age of the Patrick Troughton era and what better way for the series to enforce its science fictional elements then have the story set on the moon.

Here you get a tense, mystery filled space chiller featuring the return of some very effective villains: The Cybermen!
Their reasons and motives for their actions are just as chilling as their monotonous metallic voices.
They are relentless in their mission to invade and take control of the moonbase.

Here you can see how truly effective these silver giants are when told about revenge and other human concepts.
'We know of this weakness of yours, we are fortunate. We do not possess feelings!'

So if you there's nothing on the box in the evening, plug in your CD player and slip on the headphones and stare up at the night sky and the moon high above. Then picture the Doctor and his friends as they battle against the evil menace of the Cybermen...

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